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Influencers of the flock

  • Win rate: 5:1
  • Strategy: Aggressive
  • Win rate: 3:1
  • Strategy: Balanced
Bought TSLA
  • Win rate: 5:1
  • Strategy: Aggressive
Bought BA
  • Win rate: 7:1
  • Strategy: Conservative
Bought AMZN
  • Win rate: 8:1
  • Strategy: Balanced
  • Win rate: 3:1
  • Strategy: Conservative
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create a new brokerage account?

No, you don’t! Link your existing brokerage account and choose from several platforms like Robinhood, TDAmeritrade, Webull and more. If you do not have an existing brokerage account, you can easily link one after you have created an account with another offered brokerage.

What do I need to get started on Parrot?

All you need is an email, phone number and an existing brokerage account to get started.

What do I get from subscribing to an influencer?

You get real-time notifications on all their trades, their current and historical trades, and access to portfolio insights.

Do I need to leave the Parrot app to mimic or place a trade?

Nope! Place all mimicked and independent trades directly on the Parrot app, enjoy our fresh interface with the support of trusted brokers behind the scenes.

Where can I get in touch if I have questions or feedback?

We’re here for you! Please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to use Parrot?

It’s free! Browse stocks and follow influencers, only pay once you subscribe for real-time trades and insights. Each influencer has different subscription rates.

I don’t know how to invest. Can I still use Parrot?

Yes! Parrot is beginner friendly, and encourages investors of all stages to get involved in investing communities.

Can I invest in crypto?

Not currently. We only offer stocks, ETFs and options. We plan to offer safe crypto assets based on demand.

Do I need to mimic all trades once I subscribe to an influencer?

No, you can choose to mimic certain trades but you will have access to all trades.

What are some possible risks with using Parrot?

Investing always comes with inherent risks, and we make it clear to all users to only invest what they can afford. Influencers are not registered investment advisors and it’s important to understand the investment style of an influencer before subscribing to them.

On Parrot, we carefully screen all influencers on the platform, and they have to get accepted to onboard and trade, so all subscribers have a quality list to choose from.

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